John McAfee is honest about one thing – his product blows

Man, do I hope John McAfee meets justice someday. But this idea seems about as likely as McAfee ever comporting himself with a shred of dignity -– don’t count on it.

John McAfee

John McAfee

I do know a couple of things about McAfee – don’t move in next to him and never, ever use his God-awful anti-virus computer software.

At least one poor soul learned the first lesson the hard way and I, like millions of other computer buyers, discovered the latter.

McAfee puts the “snake” in snake-oil salesman. Although, to give the cliché its due, he’s got plenty of “oil” and “salesman” to go along with his slimy exterior.

McAfee is the worst kind of scumbag -– arrogant, self-important and someone who believes his above-average IQ will allow him to dupe the masses for a lifetime. I’ve met people like him countless times, and their biggest mistake is they take for granted the idea that no one is smart enough to compete in their psychological chess game.

For the most part, con men like him are proven right, as they tend to have a gut-wrenching success rate, even though anyone with a half a brain can tell his shtick is as transparent as Scotch tape.

As if his doucheified approach to life weren’t enough, he’s also a murderer. But of course, how does this turn out for our villain? Most likely, with him washing the blood off his hands and cashing in by selling his fairytale to Hollywood.

Here’s a brief background on McAfee – the 67-year-old was a one-time Silicon Valley “prodigy” who once developed a product that evidently was ahead of its time back in the day. But, let me tell you, it has been behind the times ever since.

Even so, he made a boatload of cash, retired early and took his treasure chest to the tropical paradise of Belize. There, he fancied himself a techy-nerd-meets-Rambo-type who spent his days sleeping with ugly, barely-legal native women (“The uglier the woman, the better the sex,” those are HIS words people, not mine, see the link below), taking photos of himself shirtless while posing with firearms and thinking his oh-so-sophisticated, McAfeeian thoughts.

Then, he killed a guy. A former American contractor named Gregory Viant Faull also retired early and moved to Belize in search of retirement-life bliss. Unwittingly, his beach-front property neighbored McAfee.

Faull soon found out, to his displeasure, that McAfee had about 12 dogs protecting his property, and they barked all night and often ran free at all times. The dogs reportedly attacked several tourists and locals alike and, after Faull was bitten, he’d had enough.

He apparently tried reasonable routes to solve the problem, going to the authorities and registering a complaint at town council meetings and such. When nothing was done, Faull then made a critical mistake: He went to another council meeting and threatened to poison McAfee’s dogs if no action was taken.

Then, he made two more. One, he followed through on the threat. Worse, he had the lack of sense to then brag of his exploits at a dinner party hosted by friends. He returned home that night and was shot in the head by McAfee.

I state all this as fact, eschewing journalistic-savvy words like “allegedly,” because it is fact. Faull had no other enemies, there are no other suspects, McAfee was the only guy around who had the motive, shooting skill, ammo and cojones to kill the guy, and word likely got back to him that Faull admitted poisoning his dogs.

McAfee also acted like a guilty man. He immediately fled from the authorities, all the while spinning a bizarre Belizean-government conspiracy story to a few American media outlets. He managed to flee to Guatemala, and somehow found a way to get deported back to the United States.

Upon his return to the U.S., he wasted no time doing national and local interviews, hoping to sell his victimization to the masses and cash in on his murder. Naturally, there was no shortage of media outlets eager to give him a free vehicle of promotion by profiling this fascinating, worldly man and his fantastic tale.

McAfee has reportedly settled in Portland and, lo and behold, the rights to his story have been sold to Warner Bros., with a Wired Magazine writer agreeing to be a co-producer of McAfee’s life tale.

If you have an eating disorder, or simply need to make yourself vomit for any reason, feel free to check out some of the interview videos like the one linked below.

The barrage of sound bytes and print articles were predictably deceptive, sickening and hollow, but there was one nugget I found borderline fascinating. Toward the end of one story, a reporter asked McAfee if he actually used his own anti-virus product.

“No,” McAfee answered. “I take it off all my computers. It’s too slow.”

A couple of thoughts came to mind: 1) Amen to that and, 2) Why didn’t he say this before many PC manufacturers gave consumers the “gift” of having this product pre-installed on their computers? Guess he had better things to do.

Although his murder victim passed quickly –- Faull was assassinated at point-blank — the McAfee software inflicts a slow, painful death on the hard drives it attacks.

I learned this a few years back when a computer I bought, less than a year old, had what I thought I might be a serious virus issue. Every program seemed to work at a crawl or not at all, and I hired a computer expert to pinpoint the problem.

The tech, who works a day job as high-ranking computer guy at IBM, labored for three hours before identifying the issue. I didn’t have a virus, he concluded, I had something much worse – McAfee software.

One of the many freebies that came with the computer, my tech guy concluded the McAfee software was engulfing my programs like a barrel of molasses dumped over a snail race. It took him forever to remove it and, ultimately, he suggested a different anti-virus product that I have used since, and the computer has been essentially problem-free.

The problem with McAfee himself is much easier to identify but, unlike his inept computer product, he likely won’t be going away anytime soon.

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30 Responses to John McAfee is honest about one thing – his product blows

  1. Neil says:

    Hey Josh. Good article. Your anger and passion toward this guy really comes through from the very beginning of the article. I thought you actually knew the guy. I was surprised you were calling him out to such an extreme. It wasn’t until I got to where McAfee said he doesn’t use his own product that I finally realized that he’s the McAfee anti-virus guy. Seeing that picture of him holding the gun — damn, he’s in good shape for 67 — didn’t allow me to make the connection. I actually do use his software on my machine. In fact, there’s a green icon box at the bottom of my computer that reads “McAfee.” I didn’t watch the video because my hard drive doesn’t handle videos well anymore. Starts making noise. But what’s happened to McAfee now? Is he in jail? In U.S.? Anyway, very good story. Peace…

  2. Shivany Lane says:

    Wow.. just Wow.
    Where do I start? It is obvious you don’t like the software. John McAfee has not had anything to do with the company since 1994. That is nearly 20 years.
    You are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts.
    John McAfee is not a murderer. He had been named as a “person of interest”. Now that he is in the USA, a country that requires proof before convicting a man of murder, Belize has lost all interest in him. Gregory Faull was shot, execution style, with a single 9mm to the head. The shell was found nearby. Whoever shot him, knew him since there was no sign of a struggle. John McAfee favors a good old American Smith & Wesson revolver. (a .38 which leaves no brass behind).

    While it is true John’s dogs were annoying, Mr. Faull did not complain at town council meetings or threaten to poison them. He lodged a formal complaint (only one) with the town leaders. All that tough talk about him admitting to the poisoning came later from his so-called friends. John had always thought, and still does think, that someone in the government poisoned his dogs.
    And really? He was the only person around who could have killed him? Interesting that there were not any 9mm guns found when they raided John’s house. Nor did they find any 9mm ammo. Belize has a very high murder rate. You don’t need enemies. They will kill you for your money or your stuff. Faull’s laptop and cell phone were missing. Greg Faull also has a record back in Florida for domestic abuse and he had just recently gotten a divorce.
    John McAfee ran because Belize does not have a very good reputation for keeping people in their custody alive. He didn’t run from guilt, he ran to save his life. Just recently a canadian national died while in custody under mysterious circumstances. He got the media involved early to save his life. With the international media focusing on him, the Belize authorities would be less likely to just disappear him.
    Whatever you may personally feel about John McAfee, his taste in women or the software which bears his name yet he has not been involved in for two decades….you do not get to label him a murderer without proof. That’s one of the luxuries we enjoy here in the good old USA, innocent until proven guilty. It is not surprising that there are not any other suspects, Belize solves maybe 30% of their murders. They are 6th in the world for murders per capita…6th…in a nation of 330,000 people.
    Maybe you should stick with the sports and entertainment reporting and leave the “serious” stories to the serious journalists.

  3. Shivany Lane says:

    I kinda figured you would not allow my previous comment through. You have a lot of anger towards a person you have never met. And you do not allow opposing comments through. Most interesting. I have to wonder where your anger is coming from.
    Also, I would email you directly but it is also interesting that I could not find your email address here. I would love to discuss the fallacies in your argument that John McAfee is a murderer…and all the other weird things you accuse him of.

  4. Josh Nagel Josh Nagel says:

    My email address is on my bio page — I choose not to make it visible on the front page because it draws a lot of spam there. McAfee has put up a $25,000 reward for anyone who finds the “real” killer. Given your theory on the murder, perhaps you should take him up on it. Good luck.

    • Shivany Lane says:

      I love a good mocking in the morning.

      Yes I know of his reward. I don’t have any concrete theories since I am not in possession of all the facts. You see, the Belize authorities claim to have processed the scene, which could mean anything from took a few photos to actually dusting for prints and scene sketches. They dug up and decapitated John’s dogs, presumable to run ballistics tests. I can tell the difference between a .38 slug and a 9mm slug without a microscope, yet they have not released any of that to the public.
      Despite repeated pleas from the family, the embassy and their Congress Critter…the Belize government has done nothing more to solve this case. If they had any evidence that John McAfee was a murderer, he would be rotting in a Belize prison right now.
      Since you have stated as a fact that he is indeed the murderer, one can assume you must be in possession of some kind of factual evidence. I suggest you turn it over to the authorities so that justice can be served and the Faull family can have closure.
      If that is not the case, perhaps we can dispense of you calling your emotional opinion a fact. Facts really do matter, especially when accusing someone of murder. I understand that you do your blogging for entertainment value. I don’t find falsely accusing a man of murder entertaining.
      You know that he does not fight back against people like you right?

  5. StS says:

    Did you do any research for this blog/article? If you had, you would know that John Mcafee sold his company a long time ago and is not responsible for the problem with your computer.
    So you decide who’s guilty, without any evidence or first hand knowledge. I wouldn’t, a court wouldn’t, a judge wouldn’t and a jury couldn’t even indict this man for murder so how can you?
    It’s amazing how the Internet has changed the world. Anyone can say anything they want without following the rules of good journalism, but make it look like it’s journalistic. A loss to us all.

    By the way………….. douchified? You write and can’t come up with a better adjective?

  6. Josh Nagel Josh Nagel says:

    Another McAfee sympathizer? Jeez. I realize you have the right to your views, but please, do yourself a favor and spit out the Kool-Aid. A loss to us all? This is an opinion piece, my point of view, not a special report for CNN. Of course I did research — in the interest of information gathering before jumping to conclusions, I watched every report, read every story, listened to his hour-long radio interview with InfoWars … basically checked everything out there to help form my view. I’m entitled to it the same way you are on who killed Kennedy, whether UFOs or God exists, whether you agree with the decisions our president makes … just about anything.

    The fact that he didn’t personally make the software that affected my computer is totally beside the point — his namesake is on the company that did. And it’s amusing that both posters used this insignificant detail as evidence that I didn’t do my homework. But that point is beyond moot. A court and a jury wouldn’t indict this guy? Um, doubt it. Ask the authorities in Belize — last I heard, they’d still love to have a word with him.

  7. StS says:

    I wish to rebut or give a rebuttal: Part of the title of your post is “His Product Blows”. So my response was to that.

    All you have to do to write something a little more real is add the word you choose to omit, allegedly. Facts can not be manufactured. You have no facts. But you alone can come up with the truth that no one but a few know and those few aren’t talking. So far I’ve seen no evidence that the Belize is even trying to solve the murder of Greg Faull or any of the others that happened before or after.

    Have you looked into the crime rate in Belize? The murder rate? What is going on there politically? You should, it’s astonishing.

  8. Josh Nagel Josh Nagel says:

    My headline was a reference to McAfee admitting he finds McAfee products inferior, which I find mildly amusing. If Henry Ford came out and said he doesn’t drive Fords because he prefers foreign cars, you would find the irony, no? The fact that he didn’t hand-produce every Ford on the road wouldn’t diminish the irony of the statement. Same applies to John McAfee and, um, McAfee computer software.

    If Belize authorities are not investigating the murder, my hat’s off to them. They know who did it, and that guy skipped town. I applaud them for passing on wasting taxpayer money, time and government resources on a dog-and-pony show that won’t reveal anything different from what they already know.

    So, Belize has a high crime rate and murder rate? So does Los Angeles. Does this mean O.J. Simpson must be innocent of killing his wife, simply because there are other murderers in the town? Don’t confuse the two things as being related. I’m sure other people commit murders in Belize, but only one person killed Faull, and he’s in Portland now.

  9. Shivany Lane says:

    Belize claims they just want to question John McAfee. He has offered many times to do just that, on his terms. Just recently a Canadian National died in one of their prison cells and to date they still do not know why. They gave his family the runaround for 2 weeks. They are not so hot at keeping people in their custody safe.
    Where are the facts in the case? There were more facts against OJ and he was acquitted. You just don’t want to admit that he just might be innocent because you find him creepy and you hate his software. This was not a humorous opinion post, it was a hate filled rant stating that a man, for which there is zero evidence against, is guilty of murder.
    That kind of thing should not be tolerated in a democratic country where people are presumed innocent until you can prove they are guilty. YOU have no proof. BELIZE has no proof. All you have is your hatred that will consume you some day. I hope to god you never serve on a jury.

  10. Josh Nagel Josh Nagel says:

    What’s your stake in defending this guy? Seriously, do you have any idea how absolutely ridiculous you sound? What, you have a crush on the guy or something? There might be scant physical evidence, but the circumstantial evidence is pretty substantial, and people have been convicted on far less circumstantial evidence.

    Faull was assassinated, not murdered. He had all the cash in his wallet and all his valuables were untouched in his house. McAfee was the guy’s only enemy, Faull killed half of his dogs, and McAfee murdered him in revenge the same day.

    But let’s assume for a moment he didn’t do it. Even so, at best McAfee is still an a narcissistic scumbag. Some might be amused that a nearly 70-year-old man was sleeping with 16-year-old girls — most states here would call it rape. And he returned to the U.S. with nothing other than a stated goal to make as much money as he possibly can off the fantastical story he is telling the U.S. media.

    How about taking some of the money and paying for an investigation to find the “real” killer, or donating some money to the victim’s family? That’s not McAfee’s style because, as he has said in many recent interviews, he “doesn’t believe in altruism.”

    What a swell guy. He’s also never shown any sympathy for what happened to Faull, and has said Faull was basically a drunk whom he didn’t much care for. He liked Faull even less after the guy killed his dogs.

    An innocent man likely would just be grateful for his freedom, eager to get his side of the story out and eager to tell the truth. Instead, we get this nice nugget from McAfee in a recent interview:

    “Has the security software guru become a gun-toting, paranoid killer who says strange things and bends reality? Is he a genius that has just saved America, while exposing one of the biggest scandals of all time? Or, has he just acted out the greatest mind fuck of all time?”

    Those are HIS words (an of course, we all know the real answer is option 3). Let me ask you, what truly innocent man puts his own innocence in question with a statement like that? Let me tell you, one who isn’t truly innocent, who knows that you know that he knows it, and his thumbing his nose at everyone on his way to the bank.

    I couldn’t care less about the stupid software the guy once developed — I just think he’s a scumbag of epic proportions, not to mention a liar, child rapist and likely murderer.

  11. WEB says:

    After reading your article, and all the following comments, I thought I too would have to mention your complete disregard for facts and due process. You have made statements that are nothing more than a blatant lies by saying things like “but then he killed a guy” or ” he returned home that night and was shot in the head by McAfee”, and I was ready to explain the way things work as far as accusations go. Unless you were there and are withholding evidence, your statements are lies. You have had many lines of defense when combating the disagreeing comments, which I was going to point out sounded rather childish and repetitive, and far from professional.

    But then, just as I was ready to start my critique of you mixing personal feelings with reporting facts, you finally admitted how you really felt, and thus how you wrote this story with bias and prejudice….. “I couldn’t care less about the stupid software the guy once developed — I just think he’s a scumbag of epic proportions, not to mention a liar, child rapist and likely murderer”.

    So, truth be told you think he’s a liar, and a scumbag of epic proportions. A child rapist? Not in Belize he wasn’t, so your morality rant is again, personal. You go ahead and cast that stone though, you obviously feel entitled to. At least you managed a moment of clarity by stating your personal opinion in “likely” murderer.

    Isn’t it lucky for you that everyone in the world who thinks you to be a liar and a scumbag of epic proportions doesn’t come on here and state verbatim that you killed someone, or even that you ‘likely’ did. And the portion of the population that you prey upon with articles like this……well they would eat it up and turn on you in a second.

  12. Dr. Who says:



    This is “,” The man is entitled to say WETF he wants to write, just as Mcafee and or anyone else with his/her own blog is on their site! I’m pretty sure Mcafee isn’t “Mother Teresa”! You know “…walks like a duck…”. Just that photo (Gun toting/tattooed/shirtless) alone, would disqualify him from getting near any sane persons’ daughter, at least initially!! C’mon, at best, it comes off as the image of a Whack job. And, “16” is “16” in whatever political paradigm you’re in. Ok., but who are we to judge, does anyone hear actually know or met Mcafee personally?? By the same token, lay off Josh! Why should anyone care what he says or doesn’t say about this man?!? He’s not on the Supreme court. It’s his opinion!

    • WEB says:

      Exactly, and if JN had articulated anywhere in his original article that what he wrote was his opinion, or it had been alleged, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Opinions are absolutely necessary part of life…….valued and imperative in civilized nations.

      Making blanket statements of opinion as though they were fact however, is wrong (slanderous?), and quite frankly, make the author appear to be no better than the vile little troll who regularly posts lies, which is the point I was trying to make. Remember, freedom of speech holds some responsibilities.

    • Shivany Lane says:

      You are entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.

      If you want to say, I think he is a murderer…great more power to you. If you say “He is a murderer” and you have no proof, we will have a conversation.

      Just because you have this purdy blog doesn’t mean you have the right to accuse a man of murder without proof. BTW, Purdy blog you got here…shame if something happened to it…. LOL do you take that as a joke or a threat? Mr mcafee_truth takes it all as a threat.

  13. McAfee Truth says:

    Josh, someone posted your link on my site and apparently want me to comment here so here I am.

    You touched on two topics and I will respond to both:

    McAfee antivirus was built on a lie and made John lots of money – it was his true Michelangelo masterpiece. The software was designed to scare the masses and fill his pockets. It worked to that end. Now it is just bloatware and still resembles the original creator. I use AVG and have for many years and the price is astounding! Absolutely FREE. The best things in life are often free.

    As for the people detracting your article: They are pathetic people who live in trailer parks and fondle their own children. They follow McAfee and praise him because they wish they too could move to another country and have sex with 13 year old children. Perhaps the local Middle School has grown dull for them.

    One of your detractors is clearly John McAfee himself. Soon the Email threats will begin to flow from John, Chad and “Anonymous”. Threats were the tool used to silence the children being victimized by McAfee in Belize.

    I have been to Belize 4 times since this saga began last year. McAfee had an open door policy for very young teen girls, the youngest I have interviewed thus far was 13 and a regular at John’s house in Orange Walk.

    What I know for a fact is this:
    John was having sex with children.
    He was in constant conflict with Greg Faull.
    He was distributing/using MDPV bath salts.
    He had keys to Greg Faull’s house.

    The police in Belize knew they had their man but did not have the smoking gun. John McAfee is living proof that being a scumbag is a profitable business model.

  14. StS says:

    Mcafee_Truth is not someone you want agreeing with you. Do a little research, try twitter that will open your eyes. This man moved to Mexico to avoid registering as a sex offender. He was charge twice for not doing so. His real name is Dean K Stevens
    dkstevens_truth, check it out.
    @ Mcafee_Truth It wouldn’t matter where I live, in a trailer, a cave, the sidewalk, a farm or a condo I do not and would not abuse a child. The only one charged with a sex crime is you.

  15. WEB says:

    Hi Acapulco Kevin, Dean Kevin Stevens, Justin Blanchard, AcaGringo, Seeking Alpha, deleted_10581070_fedupwithassholes, Mcafee_truth, nologic420, Thai Boy, criminal minds, and according to this comment from pandodaily, yet one more alias:

    Acapulco Kevin is really Rodolfo Fregoso Adame – “Rudy”. Rudy, in turn, is an alias used by an American wanted by the police. The American man changed his indenty some years ago and hid in Mexico. I believe that Mr. McAfee knows Rudy’s true identity and probably has much information about what transpired. This, I believe, is why Kevin has such animosity towards Mr. McAfee. I hear through the grapevine hat Mr. McAfee is preparing an exposé post for his blog that will “out” Rudy and reveal the truth. posted by:Jerometwix Jan 28, 2013

    But by all means Josh, believe whatever this bat-shit crazy, apparently wanted, alleged sex-offender, screw loose, nut job says……after all, he claims to speak the truth just like you do.

  16. Shivany Lane says:

    mcafee_truth, so good to see you again, I was a little worried you may have gotten bored with your vendetta against Mr. McAfee.

    I do not have a “crush” on John McAfee. Honey, please…I’m a 50+ year old woman. According to you all, that would make me way too old for him anyway. Josh, you are really late to this party. Maybe you bring it up now for blog hits?

    If you or anyone else has proof, we are talking evidence, affidavits, even factual info, that John McAfee is guilty of a crime… I urge you to go to the authorities at once. Witholding evidence or not reporting a crime, is also a crime. In this country at least, a person is innocent until they are proven guilty. Being eccentric does not make you a criminal. You got nothing.

    mcafee_truth has been on this crusade for a while, I have no idea what motivated you, Josh, to get involved. I do long for those days when people who call themselves “reporter” had some journalistic integrity.

  17. McAfee Truth says:

    @ Shivany

    Eccentric behavior is often associated with wealth but John was very ill before he accumulated wealth. His penchant for little girls is not new behavior. His criminality is not new behavior. His abuse of stimulant drugs is not new behavior. He was and is very psychotic.

    John exacerbated his bad behavior with drugs. MDPV does not make sick people healthy.

    John’s cocktail of MDPV + Testosterone + Viagra = A person who would shoot you in the head and skull fuck your corpse.

    I believe John shot Greg Faull in the back of the head and until he faces a judge and is either vindicated or convicted – I will stand behind the evidence as it has been presented to me.

    If John fled Belize because the police wanted to convict him of drugs, guns and prostitutes I would not have been interested.

    The reality is:

    John fled Belize with the aid of Rocco Castoro immediately after the murder of Greg Faull. Now the drugs, guns and teenage sex abuse victims becomes evidence. Now I am interested.

    @ Josh Nagel
    The truth is not nearly as strange as John McAfee’s fiction. You should also look up the ip addresses for the posters above – I bet they are all proxy ip’s. You get any hate mail yet? I have been dealing with this crap for months.

  18. Shivany Lane says:

    You speak of evidence presented to you?
    What is that evidence and why do you withhold it from the proper authorities?

    John McAfee is not the one with a police record… you are.

    John McAfee is able to travel the world freely, without restrictions. He has come and gone through US Customs many times, not once being detained. Can you say the same thing? Can you come home to Oregon without being arrested?

    Drugs? No evidence has been presented that McAfee used drugs.
    Guns? All legally purchased and licensed, for his protection.
    Teenage Sex Abuse Victims? Who? Who has come forward to accuse him? And if they have, why have the Belize police not issued a warrant and started extradition proceedings? Oh yes, that’s right…they have only told you. And you alone bear this burden? It is a crime to withhold evidence and also a crime to not report a crime. Especially a crime such as that. You’ve got nothing.

    @Josh Nagel
    Is this what you had hoped for when you posted your venomous accusations? Your proclamation of John McAfee’s guilt without any evidence? I hope you never serve on a jury.

  19. holy shit says:

    holy shit looks like mcafee is doxing anyone who posts about him now? how does that poster know anything about the other blogger? looks like a conspiracy to silence the growing movement to have mcafee prosecuted for sex trafficking, murder, and other crimes! look at the stuff that has been linked to from the ‘supporter’ blog run by web – is this legal? no it is not

    proof of drug? mcafee stated publicly he was distributing huge amounts of mdpv. now he tries to retract his public admission claiming joke. he claimed sex with animals and teenagers. he claimed he wiretapped officials and used prostitutes to steal data. many crimes.

    the world is watching this – the feds are watching – the tech media is watching

    good work nagel – trace those comments and you see what is what

    • Shivany Lane says:

      John McAfee has never been accused of sex trafficking or murder. If you did just a teeny bit of research, you would see that Belize has pretty much lost all interest in John McAfee. They still have not solved the murder of Gregory Faull which is not surprising since they solve very few murders, and they do get quite a few murders for such a small country.

      In a drug forum, he claimed he had given away copious amounts of Bath Salts. Again, do the research, Bath Salts are not illegal in Belize nor are they considered a drug. Bath Salts are not easily manufactured and as far as i know they all come from the same place, China. There is no way that the lab pictured in that thread could have produced tons of anything.

      Josh Nagel’s rant and the website is full of inaccuracies and just plain old fashioned lies. How someone who claims to be a journalist could get his facts so incredibly wrong boggles my mind.

      BTW, I did try to email Josh Nagel several times, they were all returned because his mailbox is full. How does one own their own domain, yet have a full mailbox? I would really like to have a rational discussion with him about this issue. I could do several pages just fact checking the claims in this one rant. I could fill an entire blog with fact checking that website.

  20. Dean Stevens says:

    For the past couple of days Francois Garcia Co-founder and Producer of Impact Future Media and myself have exchanged numerous Emails and this is a copy of my final response to our conversations:

    You are absolutely correct – Anger is a bitter pill to swallow.

    On the other hand, we are only the sum of our parts. My life experiences brought me to this moment in time when I felt a need to speak up. Initially I was just writing about a popular news topic and then the News Topic (JM) got really ugly.

    I have had many experiences in my life but this is the first time I was ever Cyber-stalked by the original creator of McAfee Antivirus.

    Actually the really amazing part is that this is the only time I have ever been Cyber-stalked. Freaky Huh?

    You were interested in a synopsis of my life story and now this is part of it.

    All levels of abuse.
    Stalked by McAfee.

    I am not going to bore you with anymore of this topic.

    I do want to say, It has been a pleasure speaking with you. I understand that you are a man with a product to sell. Would you still sell a product to the world if you knew it was toxic? I don’t know you well enough to comment on that.

    I wish you great success in all of your projects (except JM’s).
    Keep in touch and feel free to contact me anytime you feel a need.

    • WEB says:

      Dean Kevin Stevens aka Mcafee_truth…..aka………
      You truly are both pitiful and stupid. The synopsis of your life (all 3 categories), was meant to do what? Have people feel sorry for you? No, that ship has sailed. What it shows is how pitiful you are, believing only 3 different events comprise your life story. That you keep trying to con people into believing that you were “just writing about a news topic, and the news topic (JM) got really ugly”, is just another one of your lies. For anyone who would like them, I have the “just writing” comments made all over the internet by Dean or one of his alias’, despite his attempt to delete them all. I will be happy to provide them to anyone who doubts his true intentions….they speak volumes. The comments from him that were put on the wimawiw blog are even more damning…..I have them too. Dean, Please….I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: You Need Psychiatric Help. NOW.

      As for your conclusion of what you alleged JM was doing : “John’s cocktail of MDPV + Testosterone + Viagra = A person who would shoot you in the head and skull fuck your corpse.”
      Do you realize how uninformed and stupid that sounds? MDPV reports have the users in a drug induced state rendering them incapable of “stealthy” or “controlled” movements, but rather more clunky or random movements. Who in their right mind can correlate your statement with the facts of GF’s murder and conclude that it must have been JM??? So, which one is it? He was allegedly on MDPV, or he allegedly murdered his neighbor. Can’t have it both ways. I suppose I should thank you for proving your own statement wrong.

      @holy shit (another one?)
      If Josh Nagel is so inclined, he can check whatever he wants. Any delusion that I am anyone other than WEB is merely another of Dean’s fantasies. As far as legalities, I am breaking no laws by linking or directing readers to previously published material. Already told you I was a paralegal Dean. Did you forget?

      • Dean Stevens says:

        You are a stupid piece of shit and you are John McAfee.
        You can not legally stalk and harass anyone – PERIOD.

        I have an Email from Francois Garcia owner of Impact Future Media that clearly states he knows exactly who you are. When I contacted him the credit report, criminal history, my social security number, brothers and sisters names and addresses were magically removed from your website.

        Just because I was writing comments anonymously – just like you are doing in this blog does not give anyone a right to post non-public information or threaten another person’s family members. That’s exactly what YOU did.

        You are all going to jail, you just don’t know it yet.

    • Calico Draconia says:


      We could make a haiku from your life story.

      To begin with, Birth
      Then all levels of abuse
      Stalked by McAfee

      First, Josh Nagel rants
      People rip him a new one
      A fact is a fact

      This is fun…hey everyone play along with me…

      Dean blogs all his lies
      Says McAfee is evil
      News at eleven

      I think Josh Nagel has left this post and gone off to write about the things he is better suited for, sports. Maybe in the sports world it is OK to make stuff up and twist the facts so that they prove your theory.

  21. Dean Stevens says:

    Josh and other readers,

    I have been seriously stalked by John McAfee and his supporters. He has threatened me, my family and has even sent pictures of my family members and said they are next.

    My ordeal began back in November when I had contact with Chad Essley. Then the Emails and threats began. Chad was first to send me a doxing email.

    They have run background and credit checks on me and my brothers and sisters (and sent it to me) and they have posted this information all over the Internet.

    You can learn more at and

    The man needs to be in jail and so do his supporters. I much like Josh Nagel was simply blogging about the John McAfee saga and then the threats began.

  22. OriginalWoman says:

    McAfee is a lunatic. We are all entitled to our opinions. Seems that those of you who are defending him are probably lunatics too….like minds and birds of a feather do flock together!!!

  23. Hahahaha says:

    Y’all are hilarious. I think joshs article is oddly vitriolic, and pointed for a stranger, but the mob of mcafee supporters is so damn funny. I am just dropping in to say I don’t care about the truth, but can you please keep fighting?

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